Did you know that 1 in 3 toddlers in Indonesia is affected by “stunting” or dwarf? (UNICEF, 2017) Stunting is a nutritional problem that causes the growth of a child to be very slow and even stops so that the child’s body will be shorter than the children his age. In fact, the development of the organs and brain of the child will also slow down. Stunting is caused by a lack of nutritional toddlers since in the mother’s womb.
Like the case with Bobi, a child at the Nias Orphanage. Bobi is one of the children who suffered from stunting or known as “Stunting.” Since he was 5 years old, his body was small compared to his friends. Not only that, Bobi also suffered from foot O, tuberculosis, and was also left behind in academic matters. Now 15-year-old Bobi is in grade 1 junior high school (because he often doesn’t go up to class) and has a height of 139.7cm. ————————————————– ————————————————– ————————–
1. The innovation that I, Evelyn Angelica, and Natasha Emanuella made was CASHELL DRINK. Nutrient-rich drinks such as calcium, iron, and proteins needed by mothers to nourish their children in the first 1000 days. Cashell is made from authentic Indonesian ingredients, cassava and water as the main ingredients, and then fortified with tolo beans as a source of protein and eggshells as a source of calcium.
2. The benefits of making Cashell Drink are to combat stunting problems in Indonesia. Cashell drink is expected to provide adequate nutrition for all mothers and children throughout Indonesia even for those who are below the poverty line so they cannot buy milk. Cashell Drinks are sold at Rp. 2,500 for 250mL in the hope that low-income mothers in the region can buy it — so that the problem of growing numbers of stunting sufferers in Indonesia can be prevented.

Greetings from us,
Team Cashell (Abigail Marcia, Evelyn Angelica, and Natasha Emanuella)


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