Department of Food Engineering Showcases Research Results in “FoodEx 2019” Event – (Senin, 25/11/2019)

Department of Food Engineering once again holds a Food Production Exhibition with the theme “Foodex 2019”. The organizer of this activity is Department of Food Engineering Students Force 2016. Foodex 2019 took place at the ITB Wood Laboratory Jatinangor Campus on Monday, November 25, 2019.

Dr. Made Tri Ari Penia Kresnowati delivered her remarks as the 2019 Foodex committee. Previously she talked about the state of the wood laboratory which was originally for the study of forestry programs. Over time, little by little the function has been changed to become a Laboratory of Food Engineering.

Besides that Dr. Made Tri Ari Penia Kresnowati conveyed the results of her research that turned cassava into cassava flour. This cassava flour can replace wheat flour, which can be used for various fried foods, various cakes, foods such as pizza, etc. All processed products derived from wheat flour can be replaced with cassava flour.

Cassava flour has been proven by students who process it into food. The results are very good. Cassava is no longer cooked ingredients and the results do not feel the taste / smell of cassava anymore.

Foodex 2019 was opened by the Head of the Department namely Ir. Ronny Purwadi, M.T., Ph.D. in his speech the exhibition was held the second time. The first time was held in 2018 for Food Engineering students class of 2015 and the second time was held in 2019 for students of class 2016. This food exhibition was held by students before students graduation. Most food engineering students graduate on time. Food Engineering educates students to look for raw materials and produce them en masse.

Foodex 2019 was attended by the heads of staff in the ITB Jatinangor campus, students and the entire academic community. Foodex 2019 is filled with processed food created by students. Invited guests are welcome to sample food created by students. There are approximately 18 booths at the Foodex 2019 event. Foodex 2019 also held a Pizza making demo and Cookies demo. The main ingredients for making food preparations are obtained from the work of students who come from fermented cassava flour.

Processed menus that have been made are Shinigiri, Gulatin Free Marsmellow, 3Eats, GlufPiz, 3Jo Pough, Natrual Flour, Ferkuy etc. The event was quite lively.

Photo Documentation by: Andri Sugilar

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