The visit of the Dean of FTI, Prof. Brian to the Jatinangor Campus

On February 1, 2021 the Dean of FTI Prof. Brian Yuliarto and Vice Dean Dr. Yogi W. Budhi accompanied by the Head of Food Engineering Study Program, Dr. M.T.A. Penia Kresnowati, Head of Bioenergy Engineering Department, Dr. Antonius Indarto and several lecturers from the two study programs visited the Jatinangor Campus in order to review the readiness of the Food Engineering Department, and Bioenergy and Kemurgi Engineering Department to reopen lecture activities on campus.

This activity is the first visit this year for the two study programs. On this occasion, the Dean of FTI provided input and directions for the two programs regarding the facilities needed to support teaching and learning activities such as the adequacy of lecturer rooms, the number of labs and accessories, libraries, photocopies and study spaces for students. Prof. Brian also reminded about the accreditation that will be carried out in 2022 and hopes that the two study programs can achieve superior status and also international accreditation.

Also on this occasion, the Dean of FTI was accompanied by several lecturers on a room-by-room tour in the two study programs. He visited all the lab rooms as well as the library room and had the opportunity to greet several students who were doing research activities for the competition. Prof. Brian checks the condition of the lab equipment and fittings and talks about FTI’s commitment to channel funding to complete several desks for the lab and several other facilities to improve the quality of lectures, labs and research in these two study programs. The visit ended with a group photo in front of the Food Engineering and Bioenergy Engineering Department with the lecturers of the two Department .

Berita Terkait