Mental Health Care

  • KETAN (Kontak dosEn dan Teman teknik pangAN)

For students who need help related to mental health or need a place to share personal things, please contact colleagues and Food Engineering lecturers whom you feel comfortable to tell your stories. There are several lecturers and students who become counselors, namely:

Counselor lecturer: Dian Shofinita

Peer Conselour:

PG20: Bonaventura Fernaldi (Aldi) 14320033 & Alfia Zahra Aisyah (Alfia) 14320036

PG21: Arjuna Pria Sesar (Arjuna) 14321016 & Aurelia Thedrica Keleopas (Aurel) 14321005

PG22: Anasya Nur Salvinia (Anasya) 14322028


  • COLENAK (Curhat OnLine ENAK)

If you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable to tell your stories in person, Food Engineering Department provides facilities for telling stories online. It can be done anytime and anywhere, and will be followed up immediately if needed.


  • LOTEK (LapOr TEman teKnik pangan)

Students can also report to Food Engineering Study Program counseling team if there are friends who need help. Friends from the same class or group are the closest people who understand the habits and character of a student, so you are expected to take care of your friends to help or report them who have problems.


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