Food engineering is an engineering discipline that focuses on processing food materials physically, chemically, and biochemically into materials or food products on a factory scale efficiently. The Food Engineering Study Program of ITB was established as the first Food Engineering Study Program in Indonesia in 2014 to answer the food industry’s needs for engineering graduates who are able to design new processes and technologies to process food in a sustainable manner and improve existing food production processes. to be more efficient. Before developed as an independent study program, food engineering education has been started since 2003 as a Food Technology sub-program in the Chemical Engineering study program, ITB. Food Engineering Study Program of ITB is developed to participate in tackling national issues of the bio-based economy and prepare the nation to face global competition.

ITB’s Food Engineering Study Program aims to produce human resources who:

  1. Have knowledge and skills in the field of Food Processing Technology so that they can formulate problems related to food processing and processing on an industrial scale, and can find solutions to problems in related fields.
  2. Have knowledge about the components of typical Indonesian food sources and domestic substitutes for imports.
  3. Have the ability to communicate and work in a multi-disciplinary team.
  4. Uphold professionalism in the work performed.
  5. Have the ability and willingness for continuous learning in order to keep up with global developments.