FTI and ITB Hold EXPROBE 2018 Exhibition

Bandung, November 21, 2018, FTI and ITB held an exhibition entitled “EXHIBITION OF INTERDISCIPLINARY PROJECTS FOR FOOD ENGINEERING AND BIOENERGY & CHEMURGY ENGINEERING 2018” (EXPROBE), took place at Labtek 2A Building – ITB campus in Jatinangor.


HMPG ITB Holds Food Engineering Professionalism Seminar

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JATINANGOR, – Food Engineering is a scientific field that studies food processing technology and processes. Food Engineering graduates are expected to formulate problems related to food processing and processing on an industrial scale, have knowledge of typical Indonesian food components, and know competing foods originating from within the country. Therefore, Food Engineering graduates need to be introduced to the world of the food industry from an early age. Departing from this, the Food Engineering Student Association (HMPG) ITB held a Food Engineering professional seminar entitled Seminar on Food Engineering Based on Industrial Thinking (SOERABI). The purpose of this seminar is to introduce the world of food industry and career opportunities in the field of food to ITB students, specifically Food Engineering students of ITB.

The SOERABI seminar itself was held on Saturday (11/18/17) at the Public Lecture Building (GKU) 1 ITB campus Jatinangor. In addition to being attended by students and lecturers of Food Engineering, ITB, this seminar was also attended by students from other study programs, such as Agricultural Engineering, Biological Engineering, Post Harvest Technology, Entrepreneurship, and students of the Joint Preparation Phase (TPB) from the Industrial Technology Faculty. In this seminar, the speakers presented were practitioners who had been involved in the food industry.

The first seminar speaker was Abdul Rachman Winata from Unilever. Rachman himself is a 2006 alumni of Chemical Engineering ITB who currently works as Assistant Manager for Processing at Unilever Walls. In the seminar he presented, Rachman explained a lot about the role of a food engineer in carrying out the food production process on an industrial scale. For example, a food engineer is needed to ensure the production process takes place in accordance with the applicable Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). In addition, food engineers must also be able to evaluate a food production process so that it can improve process efficiency or be able to correct errors that occur during the production process.

The second seminar speaker was Fernando from PT. Zena Nirmala Sentosa. In contrast to Rachman, Fernando, who is also an alumni of the Chemical Engineering ITB in 2006 explained the career opportunities of Food Engineering graduates in the field of entrepreneurship. Fernando himself is an entrepreneur who has started building food companies since he was in college. According to Fernando, to be able to compete in the food business, an entrepreneur must be innovative. Because, food products are one product that is very fast changing and easy to modify. So, every time the pattern of food consumption of the people will continue to change. For this reason entrepreneurs who want to struggle in the food sector must be innovative and adaptable as well. This attitude can be developed since college. Therefore, Fernando invited the seminar participants to start working and innovating since they were in college.

When met during the seminar, the head of the organizer SOERABI, Evelyn Angelica (Food Engineering 2015) revealed that the seminar itself is very important for students, especially students who want to work in the food sector. Evelyn hopes that similar seminars can be held in the following times better. Evelyn also hopes that through this seminar, participants can get more knowledge about the food industry and career opportunities. “Hopefully this seminar can open the participants’ insight into the world of food,” he concluded.

Student Achievement

Food Engineering Students won the Prize of Beverage Category “Best Innovation Idea” at 2018 FPDC

“Congratulations on the proud achievement”Evelyn Angelica (14315027), Natasha Emanuella (14315019) and Abigail Marcia (14315008) students from the FTI Bachelor of Food Engineering Study Program won the “Best Innovation Idea” Prize of Beverage Category at the 2018 Food Product Development Competition (FPDC) and ASEAN – JIExpo Jakarta’s competition held on October 3rd-4th 2018, focusing on product development in food and beverage. This FPDC activity was organized by the Food Science and Technology Student Association of IPB.